Pennsylvania Townhalls

Conduct, Terms of Use, Privacy
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By Travis Mitchell
  1. Anonymity — The only information publicly visible is your username and political party affiliation (if any).
  2. Real Names — You must fill your real name, political party affiliation, date of birth and e-mail address in your user profile. Only Forum Moderators will be able to access this information.
  3. Limits on Posting — One new topic per member per day.
  4. Keep Topics within Forum Purpose — Local issues on a local forum for example.
  5. Be Civil — No name-calling. Respect among citizens with differing views is our cornerstone.
  6. No Attacks or Threats — This keeps the forums safe. If content is illegal it will be forwarded to the proper legal authorities.
  7. Private Stays Private — Don't forward private information without permission.
  8. Avoid False Rumors — Asking for clarification of what you've heard in the community can be appropriate if issues-based. You alone are responsible for what you post.
  9. Right to Post and Reply — Sharing your knowledge and opinions with your fellow citizens is a democratic right.
  10. Items Not Allowed in Forums — No chain letters, etc.
  11. Public Content and Use — You are sharing your content forever, but retain your copyright.
  12. Warnings — You may receive informal or official warnings from the Forum Manager.
  13. Suspension — With your fourth official warning in a 3 month period, you will receive a temporary ban. The length of the ban goes up from there.
  14. Appeals Process — You can appeal a warning(s) once you receive a fifth warning and six month removal.

See the Full Rules for more detail.