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About VoterVoices
To directly determine this, click the Members option in the top Forum menu, then find your name and click it. The information shown here is what every registered user is able to see associated with your username.

Of the information required to register:
  1. Your username will be public (visible) to other registered members. You are encouraged to use one which does not reveal your identity.
  2. Your password is completely private. Only an encrypted version of it is stored on the VoterVoices website.
  3. Your real name, birthdate and county will be private to normal users but visible to VoterVoices moderators.
Post-registration, the moderators will:
  • verified that you are a registered voter by using this webpage,
  • archive the sensitive information of item 3 in a secure, non-networked computer and delete your entries from the VoterVoices database, and
  • enter your political party registration (if any), and what generation you were born in. This non-sensitive information will then be public and associated with your username.

Your e-mail is private, but:
  • Within your account, you can opt to have your e-mail either accessible public or inaccessible to registered members. If it is accessible, other members can send you e-mail through the phpBB software only.
  • You likewise have the option to opt-in or opt-out of automatically generated e-mails from the phpBB software.

To modify your e-mail settings:
  1. Go to the User Control Panel by clicking your name at the upper right and then Control Panel
  2. Click Board Preferences tab
  3. Click desired setting under Edit global settings